Babylon AD

Starring: Vin Diesel, Michelle Yeoh, Mélanie Thierry

Babylon AD Poster


This review has very minor spoilers.

There has been a lot of negative reviews and opinions about this movie. It has a pitiful 7% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with a higher – but still weak – 5.3 rating on IMDB. I went into the movie with some really low expectations, I was thinking it would bomb and I would hate myself for watching it. The surprising thing is that I didn’t think it was that horrible at all. It’s not great, and It deserves to be called a bad movie, but it was sort of enjoyable in that “I secretly like this but feel ashamed” sort of way, which is not surprisingly exactly how I feel about Vin Diesel. I liked Pitch Black and Riddick, and I have a soft spot for anything related to pimped out street racing cars, so I didn’t love this movie, but it’s not as bad as I thought.

It feels like there was once a decent movie here, it just got convoluted and bogged down with unnecessary additions. I would have been content with a simple plot to highlight some cool action, instead what we got was some simple action all wrapped up with a plot that makes about as much sense as Jackie Chan’s “The Medallion”. You wouldn’t be able to tell from the final product, that it was originally based on a novel. The plot was never fully explained, and the “ending” was at the same time both not enough, and way too much. It just did not feel like it belonged in the same film.

The action had some high points, and a whole lot of low points. It must be in Vin’s contract somewhere that he has to do some sort of extreme sport while firing weapons.  Also, what is with peoples obsession with intense parkour utilising enemies? It’s a cool sport for sure, but after a while it starts to look dumb if every bad guy is leaping over railings in the same horse-vault style. And finally, for a film that touts itself as an action movie, there is a surprising lack of action in the majority of scenes, especially the end.

With all these faults, this movie should have been one of the worst of the year, and it was pretty close, and yet I still sort of enjoyed it. There were a few things I liked, the intro monalogue was pretty good, which is not something I normally think in Vin Diesel films. The man himself was also…himself, but with an unusual amount of smiling and joking around. Mélanie Thierry was enjoyable when she wasn’t in crazy mode, but still a talented actress all around, and it was cool seeing Lambert Wilson again.

I will admit that I enjoyed the movie – sort of – but I would also never watch it again, nor do I think I would recommend it to anyone. If you plan on seeing it, go in with low expectations and you won’t be dissapointed.


~ by Hobbes on October 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Babylon AD”

  1. Vin Diesel is good, very good.

    My favorite films with him are:

    The Fast and the Furious (2001) by Rob Cohen
    Pitch Black (2000) by David Twohy
    xXx (2002) by Rob Cohen

  2. I think the movie was good, it wasn’t “horrible” like oh my gosh this is so boring get me out of the theater. It had a lot of action which I enjoyed, even thO Vin didn’t die HELLO its a movie and its futuristic. I believe that the city was very tacky looking and i hope year 2017 wont look like a hot big tacky mess. And the ending did confuse the hell outta me, like how didn’t she die when the bullet exploded, and she died when she had the twinz? But I rate the movie a C+

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