The Rocker

Starring: Rainn Wilson, Christina Applegate, Teddy Geiger, Josh Gad, Emma Stone

The Rocker Poster


This review has no spoilers.

The entire time I was watching this movie I had three main thoughts that would just alternate as to which one I was focusing on. These thoughts being that there are a lot of great comedians in small parts, Christina Applegate is pretty cute, and this movie reminds me of The New Guy but for hair metal instead of funk, and it has better lead actors. Alright so maybe it had some other things going for it, Emma Stone is also pretty attractive. As for real movie review thoughts, the movie was enjoyable and light-hearted. You could watch it while doing something else and not feel like you’re missing anything, and it is just funny enough to make you rewind to catch the good jokes.

The story was relatively fresh and well executed so I had no qualms with it. There weren’t really any “slow” sections or scenes that weren’t as important to the plot or characters which is a problem a lot of movies have. So the pacing was good, the jokes were chuckle-worthy, and the more serious “heart” scenes did not feel out of place, and really brought it all together. The writing was not phenomenal, but there werent any glaring mistakes and I didn’t have any major problems with how it panned out which is better than I can say for a lot of films.

The cast is awesome, especially the smaller parts which I enjoyed simly because I like seeing those actors (Will Arnett, Fred Armisen, Lonny Ross, that guy from Human Giant whose name I don’t know, even Jason Sudeikis who looks sort of like Andy from The Office which makes him slightly cooler in my books). Rainn Wilson was hilarious as always, even though it still feels like he’s playing “Dwight” all the time, which is not that bad since it sort of works in this context. The younger leads were all well cast and interesting; only Teddy was slightly annoying but that was more his character than the actor, and Josh Gad is sort of a less funny – early career – Jonah Hill when it comes to his comedy style and delivery.

The direction was great, which was not unexpected from the guy who gave us The Full Monty (what has he been doing for 10 years? Appearantly nothing worth mentioning). I hope this is his comeback film, albeit it’s not really amazing enough to be considered a comeback. What it is though, is a light-hearted comedy which involves very little viewer investment and a decent way to spend an afternoon with nothing else to do. I would recommend checking it out if you are a fan of the cast.


~ by Hobbes on October 2, 2008.

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