This Week in Trailers XII

It’s a week of pretty much all action which is somewhat surprising. We have the first trailer for – I assumed it would be B-Movie bad but I guess it has some production value – Punisher: War Zone, the trailer for the Spile Lee film Miracle at St. Anna, the full trailer for Babylon A.D., and the French trailer for Transporter 3. I don’t normally like to put international trailers on here – especially evident since I never put up the amazing Russian Wanted trailer – but the week would otherwise have been somewhat lacking so I decided to include it.

Punisher: War Zone

I was expecting this to be absolutely horrible. The first was somewhat decent the first time but couldn’t hold up to multiple viewings, and this new one had no big names and was relatively obscure. I’m surprised to see that it may have been a good thing, and this film actually looks pretty decent. It’s a mindless action film, and none of the scenes look overly original but it looks entertaining enough.

Miracle at St. Anna

Spike Lee is an extremely talented filmmaker, and Inside Man is ranked up there among my favorite films so I am always interested to hear about his new projects. This trailer really grabbed my interest and I will be sure to check out the film when it comes out. War, mystery and great camera work only add to my interest.

Babylon A.D.

Up until this moment I actually enjoyed the score from Requiem for a Dream. But now it has been so overused that it is no longer any good. The trailer itself was amazing and the film looks great but that score just killed it for me. Hardly a huge problem though since I still really enjoyed this trailer. I like gritty Vin Diesel sci-fi and this looks to be exactly that.

The Transporter 3

There isn’t a word for how awesome Jason Statham is because it’s hard to quantify his awesomness. This movie looks like a cross between Crank and the first transporter, just without the annoying whinny girl and with way more awesome fights. I just hope they don’t try to throw in a bunch of drama or character building. All this movie needs it one giant action scene that lasts 1.5 hours and it will be amazing.


~ by Hobbes on June 13, 2008.

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